5 ways to use SMS by Zapier

Automations are an amazing asset in your business. They can be an incredible tool to assist you in your business. 

Connection Services like Zapier help you integrate different platforms. Building Workflows within the platform can change your world. For short, I will call them zaps. I will refer to them as that throughout as that zap data from one to another as well as being short for the platform name. 

If you are wanting to add filters, formatting and multi steps these are on a paid account in Zapier.

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First and foremost it is used for the moving of data across platforms, but it can also help you with reminders of things that you may miss in your business with some many different plates you are spinning.

As well as having 1,000 of platforms that you can connect up Zapier has a few of their own “by Zapier” tools that you can use inside the connection platform that can help you to uplevel what is going on.  

My favourite tool they have is SMS by Zapier. When you set up this Zap you pick from a dummy number that you receive these messages and they are all safe. I stored this number in my phone as Zapier so I knew where the message was coming from.

I started experimenting with this feature when I regularly missed calls on a programme as I would forget it was on and become distracted. This was literally a life saver for me 

One of my big tips when setting this up is set it for 20 mins before a meeting as depending on the Zapier Plan you are on the rotation of check for a trigger is every 15 minutes 

Here are the 5 ways I use this function in my business every week.

1. Remind you of a meeting in your calendar or one you subscribe to

This is really great when you have a lot going on across your business. When setting these up you need to make sure you set up a zap for each calendar inside of your space as it does not look at everything that falls inside. 

This is extremely helpful when other people send you a link to a shareable calendar. 

2. Send yourself story prompt reminders

Using a similar approach to the calendar above – I wanted to be able to message myself a prompt for a story to send to me at 1om every day. So that if I got distracted and hadn’t posted this would give me a nudge and a prompt to get that posted. I did this by setting up a separate calendar with a meeting at 1pm with the prompt in the title.  This would be sent to me within the text message and it allowed for consistency 

3. Sales in your business

This can be done in two ways to help you out when you have a sale and can celebrate or when a payment fails so you can follow up. If you want to have access to both you will need to set up individual zaps for each trigger.

Setting the trigger from your stripe account to look at either the event of a New Payment or Failed Payment, once it has found this information you can then design your message to tell you what is happening.

 * I have this set up as a multi step so the information goes to a google sheet afterwards

4. Message when Mercury is Retrograde

If you are someone that is Woo and very much into astrology then this Zap is for you. This uses two of the platforms built in features Retrograde by Zapier and SMS by Zapier. 

Using these together you can find out when enters, in or leaves Retrograde and sends a message. If you want to know each piece of information you will need a Zap for each. But it can be really interesting when things feel off kilter and then you get the mercury is entering retrograde text 

5. Send yourself a message each week to make yourself feel better 

Another way to use two by Zapier tools. This Zap can be used in some incredible ways: it combines Schedule by Zapeir and SMS by Zapier. This allows you to send a message out to you at a specific time every week. 

This could be used in many different ways. Two zaps I have sent up using these features are a message on a Friday Lunchtime to tell me to stop working and take time for myself. The other is a message on a Monday to remind me to double check my calendar and content as sometimes things don’t get finished in a busy week and I can plan them in 

So as you can see one feature can be used in many different ways to help you and your business. The possibilities are endless to be able to add automations that can help you in small ways to refine what you are already doing  

There are so many different ways that you can use this in your business. 

I would love to know other ways you use the SMS by Zapier – drop me a comment below