9 things you can automate within your business

Automations are an incredible way to allow businesses to take annoying repetitive tasks and take them off their manual plate. This has great bonuses to a business including saving them time, reducing human error and being able to add in extra income

Auto Responder 

Make sure that when someone is purchasing anything from you that they get an automatic email to say Thank You or Welcome. This will make them feel like their purchase is valued. Then you can send on follow on details when necessary with the more in depth detail 

Create upsell funnels 

Having an ascension model of products allows you to take some that has either downloaded a lead magnet or purchased a lower end product to be nurtured in their emails. During this nurture you can tell the more about yourself, the pain points you solve, how others feel about what you do and selling to them something that is on the next tier up in our model – therefore funnelling them through 

Abandon Cart Emails 

They were close to buying but something stopped them before hitting the button. If they have added in their email address to the cart area you can use this to be able to send an abandoned cart email to see if there was a reason for not purchasing. Im someone that if I need to find my card I think I will do that later and forget 

Failed Billing

You can have it set up within you cart system that any recurring payments that are missed that you are emails or when someone has missed a payment within PayPal or Stripe  you can add a text automation that allows you to keep and eye and follow up with that client.

Appointment Booking and Reminders 

Having in place an online scheduler that is connected to your calendar so clients can book in within your working hours when you are available. This means neither of you are left frustrated or disappointed. Make sure to add in some required questions so that you can be ready for your appointment.

Appointment Data to Project Management System 

Add your notes from appointment booking straight into your Project Management System. This will stop you having to go searching through all your emails. You an Zapier connection to move the data from Calendly/TidyCal to Trello, ClickUp/Asana

Feedback Forms 

Have regular feedback forms for those that are using your services especially those that are inside a longer programme or membership. This will allow you to make any adaptations and changes that work within the scope of what you are doing 

Reccurring Check Lists

There are always things that we do on repetitions, now the daily ones become habit very easily but those that are done weekly and monthly you may need a little reminder. Having a checklist that you can repurpose and add to allows you to make sure you don’t miss things. Add this into your Project Management System like Trello, ClickUp and Asana to make life a bit easier.

Template Document 

These can save you so much time especially if you are doing things that are close enough to similar – These can include Checklist,  proposals, Contracts, Content Plans, Action Plans, Profit/Loss, Monthly Planning or whatever you need it to be for your business 


These are just some of the things you can do to add that level of automation. If you want to implement any of these and struggling or want to find other ways you can join the Tech It Together Membership here where we find ways for you to save time and sanity – Click Here