Funnels have a 2p machine inside them

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The term funnels in business is a really broad term that sometimes feels incredibly overwhelming and unachievable when you are starting out. 

The principle is to bring lots of people in at the top of the funnel, nurture in the middle and then some leads will come through the bottom as sales. 

Now the basic principle made sense in theory, but when I tried to translate that to tech it wasn’t working in the old noggin.

Your first few sequences will act like funnels top to bottom, but as leads start to sit in the middle and you start creating a much more digital infrastructure in your business with more offers and opportunities especially when they are passive, Things start to change as there are more opportunities for contact with potential customers.

It was on a trip to the arcades with the niblings that my brain was watching a 2p coin pusher machine and it made more sense 

The middle section of the funnel worked as the 2p was the lead falling down and the bumpers where the contact points and as they bit different bumpers this pushes the coin in different directions till they fall through a slot at the button. Sometimes the 2p gets caught on something a needs a nudge to carry on through, sometimes it’s another 2p that gives them a nudge and sometimes it is the attendant removing it completely and starting again.

In the Gif above it shows the journey of three different coloured leads all going on different journeys. Each of the green bumper circles is a point of contact whether that is an email, social media content, landing page, tripwire, blog. 

For some of those leads they may bounce off the bumpers in the middle for a while before they purchase. Some may come to the top and fall straight through with no bouncing. Others may come through the top and end up buying when you least expect it. 

You will find when you look deeper into the data that you will not have 2 leads that go on the exact same client journey  coming in the top of your marketing machine funnel and come out the other end in.

So it is important to make sure all the different workflows that you have and our leading them from on piece of interaction to another is working or you could potentially having the attendant removing your 2p from the machine

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