3 Myths about Tech in business

Myths come in all shapes and sizes, especially when talking about Tech. Here are 3 that you don’t need to worry about when looking at the tech that supports you in running your business.

You have to have everything ready before you start 

This is 1000% wrong you have no idea what your business is going to look like in a year’s time.it may feel really messy but get started. 

The only things3 you need to get you started

Firstly an email address, storage space

Get yourself a google email ( either a free one or a business name one is fine) 

Secondly, a space to create a page, You can do this for free on canvas and then get a link to act like a webpage 

Finally, create a link and add it to the pay for clients to be able to pay you. You can do this by signing yourself up to PayPal and Stripe and creating a payment link.


Get yourself on the social media platforms and get people to know you and drop the link to your page 

Once someone has paid you, then you can email them with the details of what they have paid for 

As you find your feet and grow you can add an email marketing system, Client Management System, Project Management System, Learning Management System, HR System or anything else you may need

Once you pick a platform you have to stick with it 

There is always the ability to be able to migrate from one platform to another. Some of them even offer this as a service. As your business grows and evolves with you there are features that you might need that is not offered in what you are using. 

When looking for the ability to be able to add that feature into your Tech Stack you may find it cost and sanity effective to move things to a platform and bring elements together.

Always make sure when you’re moving for a feature you’re looking for that you don’t lose one that is crucial to your business.

An All in One platform contains everything you need

Do you get annoyed at this too? When you see the sales pitch all in one does it aggravate you when you look through the list of features and there is one missing that you need as part of your set-up? You are not alone. 

There are many that are Hybrid platforms that allow you to achieve multiple elements of business within one space, but there is not one that I have seen that contains everything. You may need without need something additional and a way to connect to that service. 

So don’t be disappointed when you look at that shiny platform and think you are losing your marbles.

Make sure when you are looking at the service that you are offering what features you need for that. Make sure that the platform or platforms you need work for what you need from them