3 ways Tech can help with having a Team

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Going from working in your business alone to having a team can be quite a shock no matter how prepared you are for the change. Tech can help you navigate some areas of this. 

A year ago my sister started working for Digitastic and I thought I was absolutely ready for it. I had even looked up ways I could use Tech to help us. They really did help us get started and over the years we have changed and developed things to make it easier for both of us. 


Alex and Sasha

1 – Communication 

This is by far the most important part of having a team in a business. You all need to be able to know what task to be done by different team members, the time frame and the deliverables and to be able to have conversations. 

I suggest making sure you have 2 platforms for this: 

Project Management System –  this could be Trello, ClickUp, Asana or Monday.com.  This allows you to keep track of the tasks and their progress with each element. Hand elements between the team and leave task or job specific notes

Conversation – Keeping up to date with what is going on in the business is really key and where others are at as well as keeping things updated across the team. Whatsapp and Slack are really good for this. Slack has become a firm favourite having different channels to keep conversations about its topic separate. There is also the ability to automate notifications from ClickUp and other areas when tasks are completed into channels. 

2 – Onboarding Space

Businesses have a lot of information to be able to remember especially in the early days including your mission, branding boards, marketing, what you use and why, System of Operation, Course they have access to, list of your products and services and any HR information and tracking for the business.

You can do this in 2 ways have a folder that has all this in within your shared drive that has easy access or you can create board 


3 – Hierarchy Structure

When staying organised, knowing where to find things is important for everyone as part of your team. Use the same hierarchy across your business. Makes It easier for everyone to know where they can find the information they need. So in your email, document storage, project management make sure your folders and subfolders follow the same patterns.  

Working as a team at times things can be tough and finding the right ways to work for you takes time. But the last year has been an absolute blast having my sister by my side. Allowing her the ability to take time off as she needs. I have loved teaching her skills and giving her opportunities to learn skills outside retail. I have achieved what I truly wanted for her after so many years and that was to enjoy the summer holidays with the littles. I love having someone that listens to my crazy new plans and ideas, helps me get out into the world whilst supporting our clients. I can’t wait to see where we are in a year. 

If you are feeling lost and unsure which to choose for you we can help pick the platform for you and getting that set up. You can join the Tech It Together Membership here where we find ways for you to save time and sanity – Click Here