7 Tech Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid When Launching

Launching is a big part of what you do in business. There are many ways that you can launch using a waitlist, Workshop, Masterclass, Festival, Challenge. Once you decide on the style of launch you are going for you need to make sure all the pieces go together. That is where the Tech and Automation comes in to help you do your thing.  Avoid these mistakes 

1. Not giving yourself enough time to prepare for everything

It may seem weeks away to start to work on things 8 weeks before but it without a doubt gives way to to in case something happens because you are likely to get one of those right before your launch. But it also give you time to make any changes 

2. Not defining the product metrics that matter most before launch

Not knowing what you want to track means that you can’t move and organise information 

– Do you want to track those that are coming into your challenge

– Are you looking to be able to see who is joining the Facebook Group

– Are you wanting a simple list of those that convert to a  buyer 


3. Not having the right tech in place

Not actually having the tech platforms decided and ready before you start building the elements of your sales sequence. Trying to back track an work out how to get it to work means your scrambling and might moss something or pay through the nose as you pick the first option, not necessarily the right option.

4. Not mapping out your tech 

Just adding bits on because you “forgot it” is not going to create a space the your client is going to find easy to navigate. Mapping out the Asset that your client is going to interact with and the Assets you are going to use to manage the data you are given is important.

5. Not setting up your automations

If these are set up right these are going to save you time and sanity. It may be that as leads are joining your waitlist, joining your challenge group and buying you want that data to also be stored in a google sheet that you have set up with Formula to work out metrics 

6. Not testing before launch

Test, test and test again. You can’t test things enough, make sure that you test yourself with a dummy account and 100%coupon, give it to a fellow business buddies to make sure as well from another device not attached to you . Make sure all the links and buttons are going where you expect and make sure the automations are putting data where you want it 


7. Not setting up tech post launch 

Your launch stuff is all set up and that is amazing but make sure that you have automations after your launch for those that brought from you but also those that did not. Is there a smaller down sell offering that is part of your recurring service suite that you can send out that could be a mini course or workbook. This way they can still work with you if your bigger launch is not right for them at that time