7 Ways Tech Can Enhance Your Business

Tech has come on leaps and bounds in the last 20 years and the things that were only a possibility and dream in Back to the Future are starting to become a reality in their own ways. Tech is something can absolutely make the life of a business improved in so many ways.

1. Manage Projects 

Pen and Paper or a whiteboard is great for getting stuff out of your brain. But it doesn’t help you stay organised especially if you have a team that is helping you out. It is easy to lose track of that piece of paper or smudge the board. A Project Management System will help you keep on top of tasks and subtasks for you and anyone involved in your business. These can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make them. Trello, ClickUp and Asana are all options to help you out 

2. Automated Marketing Campaigns

Automations are an incredible way to allow leads to qualify for different sequences of emails and offers throughout your business. When you start out there may only be one or two of these. As your business grows you may also add in elements at the beginning of the Automation including Ads that they feed into free and paid content.

3. E-signatures

Contracts are a crucial part of business as they are a safeguarding mechanism for many parts of your business. Signatures online use to be a nightmare printing documents, to sign, scan back in, send off to then be stored and printed back off the other end. Now You can use platforms for E-signatures that will be able to sign and date stamp them straight to and from an email box. Plus if you are still waiting for a signature the system can give them a nudge.

4. Document collaboration

File sharing is an absolutely life saver in a business especially as you can work in real time on documents and sheets within your business saving you time waiting for things needing to be send backwards and forwards

5. Payment Processing

Earning money is the biggest part of being in business and being able to accept payment is crucial. There are many different ways that we can now accept online payments and it is as simple as anything. Compared to the first electronic payment in 1994. Paypal, Stripe and Bacs are amazing and also facility the requirement to exchange between different currency and apply the taxes that you need 

6. Scheduling meetings

Everyone is busier than ever and it is easy to miss emails in the middle of everything that may also be coming into our inbox. Meeting Schedulers are an absolute dream as you can set times that you are working as we love a boundary, also it integrates with your calendar so the scheduler knows when you are not available. Giving the attendee the ability to book what works for them.

7. Clients around the world 

The Internet means that you are not waiting for clients to walk through the door. You can work with incredible people all around the country you are in or the world that you would never have been able to meet before


Which is your favourite?