8 Best Practices For Automations

Automations are a great way to be able to save time and sanity in your business. So you can do more of the delivering of your knowledge and less of the repetitive tasks that are somewhat boring and take up time. 

Here are 8 things to remember to help you with making sure automations are successful 

  • Automate where is makes sense

Make sure that you are automating a process for the right reasons in your business and not just because it can be done. Not all automations work for everyone and this can sometimes be impacted by many different factors

  • Take manual process and make small changes 

There is no need to automate everything at once. Making big changes are sometimes important to make but day to day you can make small ones that over time make a bigger impact on you and your business

  • Create a workflows

Automations over time can be more complicated and intricate and having a map of where clients go on their journey. This will mean if something changes like a platform change, updates or different launch style you will be able to track where those pieces go together. To make sure there is not a loss in operations 

  • Trial different options 

Operations can be automated in many different ways. Make sure that you are making sure that you are using all options that are available and not just the one that you have heard being shouted about loud enough that you feel it is the go to for you to use.

  • Don’t Leave it – Monitor the metrics, Audit, scrutinise

Just because it worked when you created it does not mean that you are going to be able to rely on it doing that always. There are going to be small changes that you make in your business that may change the way in which automation communicates and that could be broken and you do not realise it till it is to let. Make sure that you are proactively checking those things through so you are not losing potential leads

  • Ask for Feedback

Ask your clients how they found the experience because you have created what you feel is a masterpiece but it may not feel the same when being delivered. Getting feedback and making alterations will change up and improve the experience  

  • Have a backup in case it goes wrong

Sometimes alterations do not activate in the way you plan and this can therefore mean that you might have a potential lead or client that is not getting the information that you had planned for. Make sure there is still away to deliver those necessary parts 

  • Don’t Sacrifice human touch 

Automations are amazing and they absolutely save time and sanity. As well as eliminate some human errors that may occur, but not everything  that can be automated should be. There are parts that actually the human touch is why people come into your world and that is just as important 

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