Do you feel like a Technophobe?

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Technophobea person who fears, dislikes, or avoids new technology.

Devices and the software we use to control them has changed rapidly over the last 15 years. Sometimes it moves so fast it is hard to keep up with all the updates with the new phones, tablets, laptops, Smart TV, Alexa and that is just what is inside the home.

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Then comes work and there is a whole different set of things you need. To allow your business to function and that can feel a lot with: Email Marketing, Document Storage, Emails, Website, Payments, Learning Space, Automations, Selling Space, Social Media, Project Management, Time Management, Data Analysis, calendars, bookings and so much more 

But I will ask you this? 

When your phone/tablet contract is up for renewal or there is a new model that comes to the market. Do you look forward to getting your hands on it? Interested in seeing the quality of the screen and the photos you get with the new camera? 

Or excited about the new video console to be able to game with your friends over the internet?

If you answered yes to this then you are not a Technophobe. Because you do have the enjoyment and capability to be able to learn and use items. 

What you’re probably feeling is Tech Overwhelmed.

That is so understandable in business as there are so many things you need to be able to do communicating, storing, processing, delivering and marketing your business

This Tech Overwhelm can be due to many factors:

  • To many options
  • To much to learn
  • Not enough time 
  • To many choices
  • No capacity to implement 
  • Not your area of expertise

And there probably a few more and that is absolutely ok 

Next time you are feeling the fear to run from the tech, don’t brand yourself as a Technophobe and then can’t deal with it. You can but it’s ok not to have the capacity. 

Take a step back and think to yourself. There is a lot on my plate and right now. For me at this moment it is not the time to learn and implement as it is overwhelming. 


You can have a few options depending on how critical that implementation is to moving forward. 

  • You can see if there is an alternative in what you already have 
  • You could Leave this to a time when you have more time and capacity to learn and implement 
  • Or see if there is someone else that can implement this on your behalf. If you have a project but not the time you can book a call Here

If you do want to learn but you don’t want to go it alone so you can be held accountable and gain the support you need.  You can join the Tech It Together Membership here where we find ways for you to save time and sanity – Click Here