Get Black Friday Ready

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Black Friday is like Marmite. You either Love it or Hate it. 

But Black Friday is a phrase you just can’t escape during November

As a business owner and customer we have become accustomed to the selling season and we often hear, I am waiting to see the Black Fridays offer. This is because we know that this time of the year means that you are going to have sales advertised. 

Alex with poster

Sometimes you may think that is a genius great offer or is it just a sales tactic that I am being lured into.

But whether you agree or not it is a great time to make sales as people are expecting more than normal to be sold to. The weeks before and after Black Friday are some of the busiest sales of the year. 

Now there are lots of different ways that you can make sure that your Tech is ready for the Sales 

Get that cart sort 

Top priority is going to make sure your cart is ready to accept payments and that you have an automated thank you email in place. If you’re feeling cheeky you can add in an upsell to this process. So make sure that is tested and has an automated email 

Landing and Sales Pages are ready to go 

Make sure these capture the attention of your audience quickly on your pages, keep them snappy, we are looking for quick sales so no need for lots of text and make sure that your cart buttons are working in full. Give them a good thorough test we don’t want them not to be not working when the time comes to sell

Get active in your Email Marketing

Get more active with your emails now. You need to make sure that your list is prepared for the sale that is going to be coming their way. Warm them up with emails about the pain points they might be feeling at the moment, the ways you look at solving their problem, how you have overcome these pain points 

Social Media

This is a great place to advertise what you have going on so make sure you have a plan of what your going to be posting and when to make sure you can hit your sales goals. Posting last minute is not going to be of a benefit to you as you are going to be running around

If you are feeling lost and unsure which to choose for you we can help pick the platform for you and getting that set up. You can join the Tech It Together Membership here where we find ways for you to save time and sanity – Click Here