Could You Just.....
  • Help with this landing page
  • Sort out a form 
  • Make the cart work 
  • Add in a something clever to make this easier
  • Find a formula to this spreadsheet that will
  • Create a way to make this work better
  • Consolidate the information to one space

Are these some of the things the jump into your mind that you wish someone could help with?

This is why we came up with “Could you Just…”

One of the things I have noticed more then ever in the last Six months.

Is that most people don’t want to learn how to do it or they no longer have the time and knowledge to work out what is going wrong.

This is where “Could you just…” was born because most of my clients always start with those 3 precious words.

The answer is as long as I have the logins. Yes, I can investigate what is going wrong. Find a short term solve and then come up with long term solution

If your interested having a Nerd in your pocket to as “Could You Just…” Fill in the Form attached

I firmly believe that there is no one size fits all to the Tech that you decide to use in your business

Packages come in the size that fits you and the needs of your business. Starting with 5 hours a months going all the way to 20 hours.

Fill in the enquiry form and we will look through your needs and jump on a call work out what is best for you 

Alex in a Rainbow Top

My aim became to use my business to support and guide online business owners by using Automations and Tech Platforms to their best potential. Giving them the behind the scenes of their business that they deserved. 

What you decide to pick for your business is your choice and no one elses

🌈 My passion is to make everything about the Tech use  accessible and not scary at all 🌈