5 Brilliant Ways To Use Mailerlite

Mailerlite is a great Email Marketing Platform when you are starting out. Having the ability to create landing pages and automations for up to 1,000 members for free is completely magical.

Here are 5 brilliant ways that you can use it to enhance your experience 

Landing pages

 Landing pages are brilliant especially when you don’t have a website yet. This will allow you to create a page that people land on to tell you a little about yourself and your business and how they can work with you. You can use this space to add in a form that delivers a lead magnet for people to join your list and nurture them.

Information capture Form

Understanding more about your clients can make the difference in who you work with them. Also it will allow you to be able to find out details that help you tailor their experience. Create the form within google drive and get the share link and add this to a the button in your emails that you can then send out to the group of people 

Trigger New Automations

So you set up your lead magnet automations and maybe a welcome sequence, but you want to add in more ways to nurture and sell passively. You can use links from within your emails to create automations from there you can add in a whole other sequence including selling emails. These can be triggered after conditions are met so that only those interesting in those sequences get that information 

Ecommerce Automation 

If you use WordPress or shopify you can use the inbuilt ecommerce automation to create automated emails straight from your products once they have been created. Again you can create a nurture sequence after you selling email to help you move forward  

Selling Products

This only works for those on Paid plans, but you can integrate stripe straight inside your Mailerlite to be able to sell products or subscriptions without clients going anywhere else. This is again a bonus if you don’t want to have a website