7 great automations to use in your email marketing

What is Email Automation? 

Email Automation is one part of your Email Marketing System.  This is something that is triggered when an event occurs and allows you to be able to send out emails without having to manually and wasting time or human error getting in the way. 

Why should you use Email Automation?

  • It saves time in the long run
  • It’s a scalable way to communicate with your audience
  • More deeply personalise your messages
  • Measure your results with ease
  • Nicely complements other marketing channels

7 ways to use Email Workflow Automation 

  1. Welcome a new subscriber

Don’t leave them hanging when they join your space make sure that you are welcoming them in by setting a trigger that they get your welcome sequence

This emails can include:

  • Get to know you 
  • Get to know your service
  • Testimonial Story 
  •  Offer

2. Deliver a lead magnet with targeted content

So they signed up for your lead magnet to learn from and they now have access to the deliverables.  But when you can then to give them a little extra in the emails campaign that fits with the content within your lead magnet. This could be sending out episodes of podcasts, blogs and youtube videos that compliment the topic.

3. Increase engagement with your product or service

You can do this in a few different ways to get leads to purchase other products and services.

Firstly you can infer that once they have brought one product. You can tag what they have previously purchased and use triggers to move them into those funnels where other purchases may happen. 

Another way to do this is to tag clicks on links in your email and web pages and then you can send them email with targeted offers based on that. 

4. Gather feedback with a survey

Learn valuable knowledge from your clients and leads to help you grow, make improvements and put together new products and services. Based on their answer if you have something available you can send them targeted emails to be able to help them. 

5. Run cart abandonment campaigns

Don’t leave money on the table. If people have started to fill in their information and have put in their name and email address you can send out an abandoned cart as it may be that when they were filling that in they got distracted with something. 

6. Offer limited-time sales or discounts

Running up to a sales season like Valentines, Easter, Black Friday or Christmas. 

You can create a campaign in advance that leads can join that has teasers and discounts within them. If you add an abandoned cart to the mix you can offer them an opportunity to offer after the doors are closed.


7. Remember milestone dates

These can really help people feel like they are valued and you know them and are part of your community. 

You can use things like tagging the date they joined memberships, collecting birthday dates as part of opt-in. This allows you to send nice little emails to celebrate .


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