Email Marketing: Where to start ?

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Email Marketing is something that is easy to put off as a business owner, it feels complicated and time consuming. One of the things I hear often is that there is no point in doing anything if the list is small. One of the best things you can do in your business is to keep those in your email list and have worked with you before. It is easy to nurture a superfan that makes repeat purchases from you compared to bringing in a new lead and getting them to purchase for the first time.

Laptop with email flying in and out

Email Marketing is something that so many preach about being incredible for your business and they are not wrong. As a starter Mailerlite is going to get you out of the starting block without a cost. ( The only thing you need is your business domain which for the first year can be less than a £1)

Why is Email Marketing good? 

When it comes to communication with leads it is a game changer as you know who it goes directly to those that have signed up to hear from you. Plus you can see who has opened and clicked through to anything. 

Now that is without a doubt a game changer

However getting started can feel really daunting and overwhelming. But when you get into the swing of things it can really make an amazing difference to everything that you are doing.

Having the information and data at hand can help you with sales, promotions, nurturing and guidance. 

Most business owners check their emails a few times a day so you have a potential of getting your eyes in front of them. 

Not every email needs to be about the sale, they can be there to tell your story and connect with them on a more personal level than you get on social media. 

The people on your list really want to hear from you and what you are doing and what is coming up next. 

Why use Mailerlite? 

In mu opinion it is a great place to start. Firstly there is no cost to using the platform for the first 1,000 Subscribers. 

Unlike other platforms with free plans you also get access to landing pages, forms and most importantly multi email automations. 

Automations are the game changer for your email marketing as they give the real ability to be able to nurture leads and convert them to customers. As Well as nurturing your leads it is a way to communicate and deliver information to your clients whether that is automation for a product or weekly emails on a programme by sectioning your main list into groups.


Migrate from Mailerlite


For many platforms there will come a stage when the platform you are using for free and the start of your journey is no longer fit for purpose and that is ok. This is when it is time to migrate to platforms that have more elaborate data, segmentation and decision trees to uplevel your automations 

But getting started with the least amount of stress and hassle is the main thing when it comes to our business and getting things down. Because your leads and clients don’t know what you don’t tell them

If you are feeling lost and unsure which to choose for you we can help pick the platform for you and getting that set up. You can join the Tech It Together Membership here where we find ways for you to save time and sanity – Click Here