Are you holding back on getting your Lead Magnet into the world?

We all know it’s important to grow an email list and to do this, you need a lead magnet or two. 
However, you still haven’t got the pieces sort to get it into the world
Your probably being held back as you struggling one or all of:
– Coming up with the idea
– Designing and create the assets
– Create the landing page and opt-in
– Create the automations
– Welcome leads into your space
Ultimately, Finding the time for this task

So I decided that in January we need support each other to get that sorted out

I am running my much loved 1 hour workshop get your lead magnet out in the world and making it bigger
I’m turning it into a full blown 3 day challenge – 17th-19th January 2023
Over the 3 days we are going to:
– Come up with idea and create your lead magnet
– Create the Landing Page, Forms and Automation
– Creating the Welcome Sequence 
I am going to take you behind the scenes of making my newest lead magnet
Leading to the Masterclass on 24th January 2023 @7pm

The Power of Email Marketing

Because your Email Marketing has many different uses within the communication in your business. 
Not just getting leads on your list, but keep them engaged and ready for your next launch. Coming away with plan for your email marketing and ideas for 30 emails you can send 

So if you are support to get that lead magnet out there fill in the form below and all the details will be sent out the First Week in January

Alex with a green lolly