My Tech Stack Calculator

The cost of your tech giving your sleepless nights. 

Unsure of what you will spending out in the next 1 month, 6 months or year 

Then this calculator will help you 

It will allow you to:

  • List all your tech in one space including the cost and renewal dates , features and affiliate links you may have
  • Split into 3 sections, Monthly subscriptions, Yearly Subscriptions, Lifetime/free Access Platforms
  • Review the costs of your tech in the Next month, within a designated period of months and in a year
  • You can review whether to keep or remove a platform for your stack and the cost effects on your business
"Alex’s tech calculator is one of the most helpful tools in my business. I’ve always struggled to keep track of what I’m using and not doubling up on my tech but this has helped no end! I’ve been able to keep track of exactly what I’m using, the payment dates so they never lapse, and even save money by getting rid of subscriptions I no longer needed. My tech now costs me less than £20 a month! I love how I can toggle an expense on/off and see how much it would save me - it’s definitely helped with some of those decisions where I was sitting on the fence! Thank you Alex it’s exactly what I needed 😍" @alysgolding