Pick My Brain.....
  • Need a quick Tech answer?
  • Something annoying you that you wish to solve
  • Want to run through your tech stack 
  • Feeling Tech overwhelmed and need an outlet?
These some of the things you wonder?
Then you can Pick My Brain…

Why my Brain?

Over the last 3 years I have worked with over 50 businesses owner on over 100 different online platforms. All of them with there own unique blend of platforms that allow them to deliver incredible products and services. 

This give me a unique position to understand processes, workflows, funnels, all the different assets and linking them all together 

You can pick from 2 options and can choose from either 30mins or 60mins to work through your issue and I will send you a copy of your recording.

*if you go over the the time you will then be charged £30 every extra 30mins

My aim became to use my business to support and guide online business owners by using Automations and Tech Platforms to their best potential. Giving them the behind the scenes of their business that they deserved. 

What you decide to pick for your business is your choice and no one elses

🌈 My passion is to make everything about the Tech you use accessible and not scary at all 🌈