Tech Services

Feel confident with the Tech in your business

Are you fed up of feeling?...

  • Like Tech is overwhelming and not knowing where to start 
  • Want to launch a new service and not sure which Platforms to use
  • Little Tech problem causing you hours of work and are a headache to fix
  • Goggling and finding so many answers and no idea which is right
  • Like a complete Technophone

How can I work with you?

Pick my brain for 60mins and ask as many Automation and Tech Platforms questions you may have

Tech works Done For You

Need part of your Tech setting up for you this could include – Email Marketing, Project Management, Customer Relations and More 

Tech Membership including Weekly Tech Clinics to ask your question, Tech Time to work on you Back End, Tech Vault to work through, Tech Tips, Exclusive Access to other Products and Private Facebook Group 

Want to support the members of your group/ membership to make sure your members are in good shape. I offer many options including Group Support, Tech Clinic, Pre-Recorded Trainings, Done For You Packages

Want Tech tips straight to your inbox? Want to find out the latest new?

On the email list you will get all this with a dash of humour as well as all my tips, plus lots of ideas and so much more