Spring Lead Magnet Bonanza

Work together with other business owners to grow your email list. 

All you need is a Freebie/Discount Code/ Lead Magnet to get involved!

How it Works 

1.You provide us with a link to the landing page
2.We combine one master sales page with all your links
3.The page will go live on 23th May till 25th May.
4.You have to agree to share the link in your email list & Promote it once on socials.
5. That’s it! 🔥 – The Idea is everyone will view the page, see your freebie/discount and download it. 

*Unfortunately, the only thing we can’t guarantee is that they will sign up for your lead magnet – due to GDPR regulations they have physically sign-up for your thing. 

But, imagine the potential of your lead magnet going out to thousands of new eyes; all you have to do is share the master sales page with the Link to your email and on socials!

What have you got to lose really?!

Your Hosts Katie and Alex 

Your Commitment

In order to make this a success for everyone you will need to commit to promoting the event on Tuesday 23rd May. We’d love for you to share this as much as possible during the 72hr window it’s available but as a minimum we ask that you send:

  • 1 x Email to your list (no matter how big or small) on 23rd May with the link to Master page 
  • 1 x Post on Socials with a link to the Master sales pages

Our Commitment 

As your hosts we are committed to making sure you can get the best out of the opportunity 

  • You can drop us a DM if there is any support you need for your lead magnet
  • We will create the master sales page and do all the testing of the links
  • We will share with you the link and templates you can use on 17th May so you schedule content in advance with minimal effort.
  • Send out the required Email & Promotion on Socials

Not quite ready to sign up that is ok we completely get it:

If you need some inspiration 👇🏼

20 Lead Magnet Ideas by Alex 👉🏼 Click Here

4 ways to make money with your email marketing  by Katie 👉🏼 Click Here

Fill in the Waitlist Form below and we will be sending out reminders to get your details in on the Lead Magnet Form by Friday, 28th April at 8pm GMT


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