20 Lead Magnet Ideas

Lead magnets are a popular way to bring leads into your inner circle. 

This will allow you to nurture those potential clients in a way that is not possible on social media. This is because social media contains a lot of different algorithms depending on the platform, whereas with an email you can guarantee that email is getting to them and you can see who is and is not opening and interacting with them. 

This is a game changer for being able to sell what you do 

With a lead magnet you are going to want to create something that is going to really help someone and magnetise them into your community 

One of the things that I heard really on in my journey is to create a lead magnet that you would be willing to sell for a small amount of money. As those will be the ones that really bring people in because you are giving real value.

Characteristics of a great lead magnet include giving a solution to a real problem, rare and hard to get hold of, showcasing our expertise, achieve a goal, easy to get hold of and work though. 

Depending on the format this will affect how they are created, stored and delivered 


Video Format

There are several different ways that you can deliver a video based lead magnet. Firstly there is the recording of the videos.This could be a video of you talking to a camera ( this could be a phone camera, camera or webcam) or it could be a screen share where you demonstrate. 


There are several tech platforms that can help you record with Zoom, Loom, Vimeo or descript. Some of these have in-built editors and storage that are really helpful. You may choose to edit in another platform like wondershare or i move and when it comes to storing you may want to pop that video inside your learning platform. 

Then there is the live video with replays. These normally are delivered via a Zoom or Google Meet and recorded during the live session, then the videos are stored and replays delivered

Mini Course 

Send them over a small amount of learning in two or three short videos that are going to teach them around a topic. This could be something that would be groundwork that works with a course you are selling 


The 7 or 14 day free trial of your membership or course is a way for people to try before they buy. This allows them to see your setup and how you deliver and teach. 


Similar to the Trial this allows potential lead access to the learning space but only access to 1 unit within the course or the membership so that they can’t go through everything  

Webinar ( Live)

This is a live delivered training video. A webinar is normally a topic that is delivering a discussion and advice on a topic at a specific day and time and then a replay sent off for people to watch again or catch up if they missed the time of the session.


This is a live delivered training video. A workshop is normally a topic that is delivering practical demonstrations that can be replicated by those that watch  at a specific day and time and then a replay sent off for people to watch again or catch up if they missed the time of the session.


Masterclass are similar to Webinars and Workshops, but are normally a recording that can be watched again. Some people uses the recording of their lives to turn them into a evergreen masterclass with a funnel behind it 


These are done live over a set of days and are normally hosted within a facebook group and delivered as a live daily workshops within the space that can be replayed in the group to get you to focus on a small task each day. At the end of that challenge there is a webinar that signals the open doors of a launch 


Festivals use live video within a group space for a set period of time normally a week and this could be Facebook and using zoom or streamyard. This normally has a host that has others coming into the space to deliver talk on a topic


Written Format

E- Book

These are a classic way to be able to self publish a book that helps demonstrate the knowledge that you have in your industry 


Create a list of actionable steps that your lead can do when approaching a task. This allow leads know that your knowledge will help them to achieve something 


Help leads with prompts that allow them to get into the habits without overthinking the process. This may be prompts for social media, journaling, self improvement

Cheat sheet

Give your lead a real life solution to an issue in the way they wouldn’t have thought about. This for you may not seem like it is a massive thing but it could save your lead a massive headache. 


There are times when your leads just don’t have the brain power or the creativity to get themselves started. Create a template that allow them to fill in the blanks, social media templates, trackers where they can change the branding and add there images 

Swipe File

A collection of materials that have a proven track record to help they can include templates prompt sheets, how to, cheat sheets, templates


Share your go to tools of the trade for your industry that could help others that are just starting up get themselves prepared to achieve their goals 

Work Book 

Lead wants to understand and bring together thoughts on a topic. Bring together your knowledge and ideas on a topic and some guidance questions to allow our clients to explore and idea that helps them grow a thought 


Other Formats

Voucher/Discount Codes

When you are looking to sell a product or service you can offer those that join your email list the opportunity of getting access to a voucher or discount code ready for any future purchase from your leads 


Get people on to your waitlist in your email marketing system before your launch and give them some behind the scenes and some little extras for being in your space before you launch. Some even give away exclusive deals to those that buy from the waitlist including access to other products or 1 to 1 time for free

Email Prompts

Share your knowledge or guidance in small deliverable bite size chunks rather than a big download. This is set up as and email automation that is sent out at a periodic time 


Audio record alone or with others and share the knowledge that you have on topics that impact your industry. Allow leads to learn about you, your knowledge and also our network.


Video comes in so many shapes and sizes and genres. Showing how to, tips and tricks , knowledge, BTS, Vlogs and so much more. This allows leads to get to know your more


Let me know which one is your favourite type is?