Booking your Power Hour

Booking people in the calendar can be a time consuming manual process. Not wanting to double book or having to move appointments can be a nightmare. 

Having a tool that can book someone in for their appointment. Within a time you are available, allow them to pay, link them with a video conferencing platform and send them a reminder. Well that does sound incredible 

There are multiple options out there 

My favourite –  Tidycal 

This platform is incredible for a one-off price £29 for lifetime access. Well, that to me is amazing being able to have multiple booking types and calendars within a really simple workspace.  Click Here



This is a popular platform within the industry. You get one event type for free and this will allow you to book events that don’t have a payment. This is good for a discovery call. Upgrade to the £15 a month subscription to allow you to take payments, automated workflows connect up to 6 calendars Click Here


Acuity is owned by Squarespace. Again allows you to book a meeting with all the payment and video conferencing options, with confirmation and follow-up emails. However, the starting subscription is £15 going up to £35 and £50 a month Click Here

There are also many other options you can choose from including Microsoft Bookings, Simply Book, Book Like a Boss, Appointy and many many more

Look for one that work for you and within your price range

Chow for now

Alex x

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