Client Journey

Tech platforms are there to help your clients on their journey through your processes.

Processes come in all shapes and sizes and they are limited only by creativity and knowledge. There are some basics that you can follow to get you started, when you are ready you can then add your own specific Flair to the mix. Making them your unique standard operating protocols for you, your team and your clients to follow 

Some basic ones that you may use as a service provider:

* Lead Magnet Journey to Email List 
* Waitlist for product/service 
* Booking a Discovery Call for bespoke service 
* Book an Appointment for a Pre planned Service
* Client Onboarding with Contract and Payment
* Bespoke Service Kick-Off Call
* Project Status Workflow
* Client Meeting Workflow 
* Team Meeting Workflow
* Feedback Workflow
* Offboarding Workflow 
* Client Firing Workflow


These are just some and the possibilities are endless and it completely depends on what you want to create.

Weaved together throughout each of these workflows will be the different Tech Platforms all doing different tasks. Communication, Storage, Tasks, Payment, Delivery. These will all have either client actions, automations or manual elements. You can use all the different aspects in combinations to create something that works amazingly for you and your clients


Below is the waitlist workflow that I used with Tech It Together to bring people into the journey 

Waitlist Workflow

It may look complicated but take one step at a time on how you want your client journey to be a pop in your Tech and adapt to how it works for you

Drop me a comment if there is a workflow you are struggling to flesh out

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