Staying consistent in business is a tough job

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It is not always easy to stay consistent as a business owner. There are lots of different plates to spin and also stuff comes up when you least expect it. 

Having processes and systems in place can make sure that the ball drops are not as significant as they could have been. ( That is said with all the care in the world as we are humans and this does happen).

Here are 3 ways to stay consistent in your business:

 Time Blocking 

Use your calendar to block time for different tasks in your business and life. Plan in client work, business tasks and personal tIme. This means that you set time aside to do those things that are on your to-do list. Make sure that you don’t over plan, because things do have a habit of running over if you’re not careful. 

Plan your Launches

Business is all about selling. Money is not made in business without a bit of leg work. Across a year there is a different season, sales periods, holidays and times the kids are just under your feet. There are a few ways you can do this some people like the classic paper calender on the wall, Others use a Google Sheet to keep on top of it all, Others use a Project Management System to have all the dates and tasks for that launch in one space. Sometimes they make an initial plan on a paper or google sheet and move it elsewhere. 

Organise Content 

There are so many different streams that we use as part of our marketing strategy and keeping on top of them, the messaging we are putting out in the world, the pillars of content and the sales focus can feel like a lot. Having a space for your content and all the different moving part is important. You can do this again with a google sheet or if you want to go a step further you could add a database like Airtable to really super power your spreadsheet

Ultimately consistency is about finding your way of keeping on top of and monitoring those different plates of your business whether you are doing all the things or you are outsourcing to others to take some of the burden off your shoulders

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