Stop your workflows feeling like spaghetti

There are so many client journey and workflows that go on within your business and this different for every business as each will have its own suite of products and services

Some of these could include

  • Creating a Lead Magnet Funnel 
  • Launching a Waitlist 
  • Onboarding Clients
  • Offboarding Clients 
  • Booking appointments
  • Selling Digital Downloads
  • Launching Programmes
  • Launching Courses
  • Evergreen Funnels

All of them have your clients going through different assets that need to be connecting and integrated up so that you can take a small brain break where possible 

  • Landing Pages
  • Embedded Forms 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Payment Gateways
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Learning Management 
  • Tripwires/Upsells
  • Down sells
  • Data Logging

No you have all these different pieces and you need to make sure there working 

The best piece of advice I learnt over my time building hundreds of workflows 

Design It Forward

Using a Decision Tree you can map out what are the steps your clients are going to see and interact with and where their data is going to be going for you to store or use for analysis?

You can do this as a decision tree tech tool like or  you could get out the pen, paper and post-it notes 


Create it Backwards

Start by creating the last parts first. Creating you email marketing space ready to write your emails sequence later

Then create the the button space – this could be a form for a waitlist or lead magnet or a product for a payment button, you can now connect your button to the email space

Then create your landing page – depending what you’re putting out there this could be a simple fit to a screen space for a lead magnet or waitlist or a long form sales page with lots of details and information if you’re selling a programme of course.- Here is where you can embed the button


Once you think you have connected it all up you can use a dummy account to see if it all works as expected. If what you’re checking is a paid item you can create a free coupon  to test it all out