Test, Test and Test Again

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Testing is a key component of a build process. Here are three things you can use to test 

Testing out your workflows to make sure all the parts are communicating as you desired and planned for is really important part of the build process


It is one thing that is very easy to put off or to forget completely when you are creating something new.

Even when you make small changes you need to give it another check just in case something has happened.

3 Tips to help with testing 

Dummy Email Address

Have an @gmail email for your business. This means that you can sign up and test out the experience that your customers are going to get. You can also make sure that emails are added to the right list and automated emails are being sent out as expected.

Coupon Codes 

Use 100% coupon codes within your sales page to be able to test the cart functions and collects the information your expecting. 

Get a friend to help 

Have a friend or family member as an official tester. This allows them to try out the experience and give you feedback. ( make sure you give them the discount code so they get the full experience ) As the person building the workflow we can make things over complicated by accident. It is likely that by accident we over complicate things, but your to invested into it 

What tip would you have about testing ?

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