These 5 Simple Tech Tricks Will Pump Up Your Sales

Everyone wants to make some extra pennies in business. Use Tech to make things simpler for yourself and your clients to make some quick and easy sales within your business. Here are my some of my enjoyable ones

1. Online scheduler 

Have clients that are rushed for time? Use an online scheduler like Calendly or Tidycal. Where someone can book your time and have the virtual link straight to the calendar, pay and answer some questions to be able to prepare for your time together all in one space. No need to jump through all those different hoops to get someone from wanting time with you and working together

2. Add an upsell on your Thank You Page

After getting someone to trust you to buy something small why not add in a little upsell so that they can secure a place with you 1to1 or so that they can purchase a DIY course or access to a workshop that you previously recorded.

Sell an extra 5 a month for £50 that is an extra £250 minus charges in your account each month 

3. Abandon cart email

Someone thought about buying and put in the details and changed their mind. Set up an abandon cart email to get a clue of what is holding them back and if there are any questions they have that you can answer

4. Embed carts on your website

Not on your homepage unless you are in a launch phase. But add in cart options throughout the rest of your website so people have the options to add to their cart without the fuss of having to search for your offerings

5. Countdown timer

Using a countdown timer on your sales, thank you or cart page will help boost the conversion on your page. Potential customers will be worried about missing out on an opportunity. Using an evergreen countdown timer will allow you to create a bespoke timer to offer special offers. For example a 48Hour access at a lower than normal price flash sale. That 48 is unique to each user that comes to your site

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