7 Amazing Features of Descript

Video and Audio content is becoming more and more favoured as forms to bring new leads into your community. Descript allows you to record, editing and publish the content and getting it into the world can be absolutely mind blowing. Within my business I have been using it to create my weekly tip videos I am now going to start using it to be able to create bespoke reels of the other content that I create. 

  • Screen Recording 

Record anything on your screen with and without your face. Edit and get it over to your clients. This is a great way to demonstrate knowledge and show either inside something or slides to go alongside a voiceover

  • Transcriptions

Being able to have transcription not only allows those who having difficulties with hearing or those that are watching without sound. But it also allows for easy editing within the video. The reason for this is if you delete the transcript it deletes the section of video that goes with it

  • Social Shareable video 

Looked at the videos where there is an image waveform and text and thought gosh that is a tad complicated. It does not have to be at all. Add it the image asset to an clip of a video or audio and the add in the features to desired edit the colours you are looking for and bam you have a socially shareable video in moments 

  • Online Link 

Having an online link allows for quick sharing in email,  on social media adding to your learning space. The beauty with descript is that you are able to keep the transcript 

  • Downloadable 

Want to upload your video to YouTube or your Learning Platform this is absolutely doable from the platform 

  • Background noise reduction 

This is really handy if you have got that annoying fan and noises surrounding you. It can reduce those out to make things sound better for your audience 

  • Remove filler words 

Are you a serial ummer? Yeah me to descript automatically allows you to take the those out of your recording.

So if you are looking for easy way to record, edit and publish your audio and video descript is and absolute game changer and will definitely help you up level that content.

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