We communicate every day. Choose your ways


One of the most important parts of your business is how you communicate. This can include your supplier’s team members and clients.  As we grow our business we can forget the importance of when and how we communicate. In forgetting we actually create bigger boundaries to our growth, which we would have never had if we have put a system in place that worked for you. Digital Communication is something that is growing and there are new ways being added to the list all the time. Here are a few things to think about.

 A robust structure in place allows you to create boundaries that do you need for your business because you didn’t go into business to work 24/7. These can include picking specific platforms that people can access you on as well as creating time boundaries, for example, you only answer emails twice a day or you only reply Monday to Friday. Make sure that these boundaries are communicated early on with everyone you may be communicating with.


 One of the primary ways to communicate is through your email. This is something that every business has in some way shape or form. It is one of the most crucial elements that every business needs, talking to clients and team members, signing up for Tech Platforms, Courses and so much more. 

 Having an Email Address also enables you to use an email marketing system, creating a list of subscribers that want to listen to your words of wisdom. From here you can email out any new items or services that you are offering, providing information about your business and getting those subscribers to your list to know, like and trust you.  It is known to be one of the best ways to sell is in your emails it is a much more personalised space. 

 Instant Communication:

 Instant messaging is another way that you can communicate with your clients and team. It is absolutely amazing because it is directly in your hand a lot of the time and it means that you can reply within minutes and move things along fast. This can come in the form of WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, slack or a platform with a built-in chat function. 

 Now, it is brilliant but it comes with some negatives. One is that there are lots of different options to choose from, Pick 1 or 2 that you are going to use and don’t let anyone else make you use one that doesn’t fit you. These have been very easy to see during the pandemic and that is we all have devices in our hands all of the time. Unless you are very very good with your boundaries you will have a habit of overworking yourself, because your devices are in your hand and your client has just messaged you get that niggle to answer. One of the things I truly believe in is having a second device for work meaning that you can truly switch off and have downtime because this is something that is needed for everything that we do.

 Video Communication:

 Video Communication has grown astronomically in 2020. With the ability to have face to face meetings stopped in their tracks video meetings and communication became the primary way for people to talk to each other as close to face to face as possible. Over the last two years, Zoom’s quarterly revenue has grown by 732.07%.*Link to data . With the ability to integrate with Google Calendar, Online schedulers and websites, Zoom has become an easy way for us to carry out live interactive meetings and deliver mass training without distance being an issue. It has changed the landscape of online business dramatically.

As well as live video communication you can also use services like Loom or Vimeo, these allow you to create short videos to create tutorials, explain things more than just in words that could be interpreted wrong or provide feedback by recording your screen, yourself on camera or both together.

All in all, there is so much more to communication and it can be very very overwhelming. Some point to help before you leave 

  • Try and have a separate device for business communication
  • Pick an Email Marketing System to help you grown your business and sell 
  • Pick 1-2 instant messaging services the work for you 
  • Integrate Zoom to your calendar and online booking for simplicity 
  • Stick to the choices you make as they are your boundaries

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