Tech you can use when launching a membership

Launching can seem extremely overwhelming


That is just the content without the different elements of Tech that there may be within the process. 


I thought I would break down my membership launch and why I choose these options 


Tech Used 

–  WordPress – Hosting, sales pages

–  Mailerlite  – Email Marketing System and forms 

–  MemberSpace – Membership 

–  G suite – Data gathering 

–  Zapier – Connection Services

–  Facebook Group – Community 

–  Calendly – Meeting Scheduler 

– Loom – Video Recording 


Let’s start at the beginning of the client workflow process is the tech Platform I use for the Digitastic & Tech it Together websites. 


Open Waitlist 


Within my Digitastic Website, I hosted the waitlist page 

Within this page, I used HTML to pop in a form that links to my Email Marketing System – Mailerlite ( this is where I store the list and sent emails to people that were interested in my offer) 

I also had a Zapier Connection from the Mailerlite to a google sheet to be able to follow those leads 


Open Doors


Before I get fully into things I decided to host my Membership on its own stand-alone website instead of a learning management platform. I made the decision as I wanted a lot more autonomy on how those pages were set up.


Within my Tech It Together website, this is where the doors were open and the full sales page. 


I used MemberSpace to be able to secure those pages so that only those signed up had access to the information 


So when people clicked the link to sign up they were sent to the member space pop up that allowed them to pop in the payment details and set up the account. 


On completion, a few different things happened 

Members were sent to a Thank You page with a Thank you Video link to Facebook Group, Downloadable, Links to Form to fill in and link to the calendar.


Using Zapier I then added them to the TiT buyer’s group within mailerlite and added them  to a Google Sheet that holds a full list of members and which package they are on ( the reason I did this is to help with forecasting and monitoring turnover of members)


From Mailerlite an automatic email was sent out. This included the information on the Thank You Page 


An email was sent out to those who brought in the first 24 and 48 hours for them to schedule their bonus calls 


This is just one way that you can do it – there are so many different ways that are possible

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