My Top 10 Google Extension

Google has been at the centre of my Tech world for so long. I loved it since I first got my hands on it at university and have seen so much growth and changes throughout the years. 

One of my favourite things was the addition of extensions to Google Chrome. They add amazing functionality to your web browser: 

Here are 10 of my favourites


  1.  Emoji Keyboard – I love an emoji especially within my emails and social media captions. However, it can be hard to get them into there when typing on your laptop as there isn’t easy access the same as on my phone. The Emoji Keyboard makes a complete difference and is a lifesaver Click Here

  1. Grammarly  – My spelling and grammar are not great at all. The beauty of it is that it gives you feedback as your write in so many different places including Google Workspace, Later, ClickUp, WordPress and so many more. Even writing this I ran it through Grammarly to make sure I didn’t sound like a complete butt head. Click Here

  1. Lastpass – Passwords are an extremely precious thing and their safety is paramount. Lastpass has changed the way that I can safely access other businesses passwords to support the Tech and Client Workflows. Without them having to be written down on paper and having them handed over to me. Click Here

  1. Toogl Track – Keeping the track of the hours that you are spending when working on a client project is good to keep you productive and also paid for the work you are doing Click Here

  1. Loom – Send a video of your screen and your camera in just a click to be able to explain something quick and simple Click Here

  1. Adblocker  – Block really annoying ads that get in your way when you are working Click Here

  1. ClickUp – Packing a great punch by allowing you to add tasks, screenshots and emails straight from your browser into ClickUp to keep you organised faster. Making staying on top of things even easier.  Click Here

  1. RescueTime – I procrastinate at the best of times. This allows me to see quickly where I am spending my time whilst in chrome. Trust me when I say it can be rather eye-opening Click Here

  1. URL Shortner – Long URLs are really UGLY, easy and quick shorten of a URL without the faff of going to a separate site Click Here  

  1. GIPHY for Chrome – I also love a GIF to add in emails and instant messages. This extension allows you to add them in at your fingertips which is so cool  Click Here

Hopefully some of these will help make your day a little bit easier
Cheerio for now

Alex x

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