Need to get that contract signed?

4 Tips About Panda Docs You Can’t Afford To Miss


Contracts are an important part of doing business to protect yourself and your client in case something happens that you were not expecting. 

It sets out the parameters of your arrangements and if things do go south ( hopefully they don’t). Because it is when we don’t protect ourselves when things go wrong and it could be costly 

PandaDocs makes the process simple to get the eSignature that makes a difference 

  • Unlimited Free Signature 

Yup there is no limit to protecting your business for free. This is great especially as an online service provider. It means that all those contracts are in one space and place and you are not looking for it when the time comes 

  • Make one off payment inside the document 

Yup, no need to go anywhere else if you are accepting a one off payment. If you are wanting to add a pricing table where a client can add on or take off features then you will need a paid plan but in the early stages this is brilliant as there is no need for an extra step to create an invoice. 

  • Keep on track with Statuses

Knowing where a document is important as this allows you to know what is going on. You can see this within the PandaDocs dashboard as well as the progress emails through the process. This means that you can send out the essential nudges before starting work.

  • PDF final signed contract sent out 

Once everything is signed sealed and delivered you can make sure all parties have a final copy of the signed contract sent out automatically

Be cautious with how you pop in your document if you convert to an editable PandaDocs this means text and image blocks that are not “free” will be used in the document. Create a template within your document space and make the necessary edits before uploading it into PandaDocs and make sure when it asks if you want to convert you say NO. You can then add in the Text Field ( don’t confuse with Text Block), checkboxes, Dates and those all important Signatures

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