Succeed With podia In 24 Hours

Everyone has a different learning style. Visual, Audible or Kinaesthetic or a mixture as someone delivering knowledge we need to understand how Ideal Clients learn and cater to them. 

Then we need to find a way to get the knowledge to the client. That is where a Learning Management Space comes into play. 

Podia is a way to bring together lots of elements. 

You can get that all set up in the first 24 hour, firstly you need to decide what you are selling: community, digital download, course, webinar, coaching. This will allow you to decide on the plan. There is now a free plan that can let you do some creation if you want to put everything inside your course before selling, you can sell a digital download and a community but there is a fee so be careful.

But once you move to the mover plan you are all good to sell anything.

Go in and set up your site with your branding get at least a sales page set up

Then create your first product, add in the files for that and organise them, Pop in some details about the product, set the pricing for them and then set up the availability. You might decide to set them to prelaunch so that you can gain emails a bit like a waitlist in preparation for selling. 

If you choose to set up a community space with the different elements you want your community to talk about, You can fill in the details of this space and then set up the settings of the plan, set  the pricing you wish, then add in any included products ( These products can be set up as hidden so they can only be accessed by the community). Then you can integrate it with an external email marketing system. 

Set up the email automations that go out after people purchase to be able to nurture them straight away or provide them with extra information they may need or you may want to gather. 

If you want to you could set up a coupon for when you’re first selling to add a thank discount into the mix. 

As you want to progress your business you can upgrade your plan to the Shaker and add in affiliate marketing into the mix as one of the best ways to sell is through referrals 

There you go – you can set up and sell within 24 hours as long as you have the knowledge content you are ready to deliver