Welcome to Tech It Together

Taking you from Tech Confused  to Tech Confident

Imagine that you are able to launch your service and tech is not getting in your way 

Imagine having a real brain you can ask an opinion of when looking for that new platform to grow your business

Imagine feeling confident with your Tech and it is not something that gets in the way of your client’s experience

I was just like you

Dr Google was not my friend when I started my business. I got really confused about what to use for my business and why. All the adverts were leading me to expensive and complicated platforms. For what felt like the hundreds of different tasks that I needed to do as a business owner. All the well established business owners that I looked up to were all raving about the Tech Platforms that had integrated now they had grown. Even though they sounded amazing they were outside my knowledge and budget at that time. 

Even as a really Tech Savvy person it left me feeling overwhelmed and I made choices that were not in the best interest of my business. 


So I set out on a mission to learn about all the different Tech Areas that an online service business needed and then the different platforms that fell into each of those categories. I decided that I wanted a space where people no longer had to turn to Google or Youtube for the answers. 


That is where Tech It Together started. As a space where we can work on your Tech Together so you don’t have to feel alone.

I know that Tech can feel like 

That there are so many Tech options out there that it is overwhelming

That you want to be able to understand your Tech but things get in your way

That when a Tech hurdle comes up it’s easier to walk away than find a solution to keep you moving forward 

Why trust me? 


I know how it feels to be swimming in Tech options and have no idea what to do and where to start. Spending all the time google and hoping for answers and stumbling over more shiny and expensive options.

I am a Tech Strategist and Business Owners that have come from the world of being a teacher and then an employee and given the tech to use to have to make those decisions for myself. To have to make all the decisions from the bottom to the top of my business. 

Tech has been at the heart of everything that I have done all my life with Degree in Business Information Systems and PGCE in Computer Science.  Working in Colleges to develop online teaching platforms and integrated Project Management Systems in Construction Service Businesses. 

I have taken that diverse collection of learning and experience and used that to support all the different online businesses. Because the is no one size fits all when it comes to business and the

"I love working with Alex - she always follows through and doesn't disappear when the tech gets sticky and your head gets melted.  She has always gone the extra mile to find solutions and would wholeheartedly recommend working with her" @joannefaulknershiatsu
"This is by far one of the most valuable and supportive memberships I’m a part of. It’s such a weight off knowing that WHEN something tech related inevitably goes haywire I’ve always got someone to turn to! I’ve yet to find anything tech related that Alex can’t solve or advise on. I would highly recommend her (and have) to anyone running their own business." @alysgolding
" I joined Alex's TiT membership as tech is something I struggle with in my business. I needed some help setting transferring my existing website to my new brand and setting up a new shop with WooCommerce. Alex was so patient with me, despite me not having a clue what I was doing! and nothing was too much trouble. She took the time to explain everything to me and went above and beyond to get me set up before my new branding went live. She answered my numerous questions and really does know her stuff! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who's struggling with the tech side of their business. " @shellcreativeva
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What is included in Tech It Together?

Membership Community

Facebook Community for everyone to support each other 

You will find me and the team in here with weekly updates and a look at what we are working on behind the scenes

Tech Vault 

Set – up and How to videos for multiple different platforms 

Cheat sheets and 101 on ways to use the Platforms in the best way possible 

Tech Clinic

2 Hour Zoom Call streamed to the private Facebook Group. Drop in and ask a question.

Share your screen and answer those pesky questions.*

Tech Time

2 no 1 Hour Zoom calls where you can set time aside to work on a Tech Task. With me around and if something is causing you a block I will be there to answer questions

Tech Live 


2 live session every quarter teaching about the some of the well done platforms to get you off the ground 

Tech Review

Want to try out a New Tech Platform and no idea where to start. Nominate a Platform and I will come on live and show you my live reaction 



Exclusive Access, Times and Prices to all other Digitastic Offerings

* Brain Fog Weeks will have special Tech Clinic Content – This to be discussed in the Group. Anything over 15mins will require a Tech Triage call

I like to reward those that get in fast

24 hour bonus – 1 hour Tech Triage 

48 hour bonus – Tech Stack Service Review

Tier 1

All the good stuff that comes with the membership 

£49 per month

Tier 2

Boost your membership by adding a monthly 1hour Tech Triage 

£139 per month

(these can be  rolled over twice, this means that you can only have 3 hours available  at any one time)

The doors to Tech It Together are staying open this time but as you are join during this launch use TIT10 to get 10% off your first two month 


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