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Technology can be an absolute nightmare. 

Firstly, you need to pick which platforms you want to use and that can be a mind field  of it’s own with so many options out there 

Then, you know what you want it to do, but it just will not do as it is told. Cause there are so many different ways to make it work.

It is ok to feel like that we have all been there (even me). If someone says there haven’t screamed at there Tech at some point they are lying to you 

If you know nothing and need help. That is honestly ok, we all start somewhere on our journey. That is honestly ok, I’m here for you we all start somewhere on our journey

Tech may be something that is my specialism, but it doesn’t have to be yours 

Price : £147

How can I use Tech Triage?

Set up and online calendar

Working with 1 to 1 clients means lots of meeting in your calendar and having to find the right time for them

We can set up a tool that allows a client to pick a meeting at a time that works for you both and sends up follow up emails


Create a PM Platform Plan

Running a business can be tough to keep all the ducks in a row.  Using the platform of your choice. Trello, ClickUp, Asana, etc.  We will work together to create a space for you

We will sit down and Map out what area over your business before the call and the together create the space and and of the specialist fields 


Connecting services

Creating connections and automations is a key player in your business. Getting these right can save time and frustration. Something as simple as an email automation or creating an ultimate list of lead and clients as they purchase or adding new clients to your Project Management System

Mini Training

Set up a Tech Platform and feel like something is not quite right. We can have a look around your set up and see what improvements can be made

We will complete as many of them as possible on the call and any remaining will be sent to you within a list for you you to work through 


Email Marketing Automations

Nurturing and keeping in touch with potential leads is important part of of your business especially if they are cold. 

From setting up a sequence of emails to go out when a lead magnet is signed up to or an item is purchased to creating a waitlist there are so many opportunities to communicate and create relationships


Trouble shooting

There are always those little things that don’t behave as expected with Tech

Together we will work out what is going wrong and get that corrected so that you can carry on doing as you need 


How to Book

1.  Click the book now button

2. Choose a time that works for you 

3.Answer the questions so I know how to help 

4. Make the payment 

5. Sit back while the automations do there thing 

6. Grab a beverage on the day and lets make things happen

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