Zapier can save you time

Tasks that you do over and over again a repetitive and boring. 

This is where automation comes in handy  

This means that you can work smarter and not harder 

But not everything works naturally together 

That is very true – Some platforms have natural integrations built within them when Tech Platforms partner up and work together 

But that doesn’t help when there are platforms that don’t have 

This is where Zapier triumphs

But how do you automate?

One way you can automate it is by using a connection service such as Zapier 

Zapier allows you to connect to over 3,000 different Tech Platforms and more are being added all the time. 

By automating using Zapier you can save around 10 hours a week. With that time you can work with clients or create new and amazing services.

It allows for you to be able to connect together 2 or more platforms with Zapier acting like the middle man transferring data and information from one to another.

Opening up so many opportunities to work smarter. 




Unsure where to start? 

You can download my Let’s get Zappy Happy from Here

Or explore the Zapier page Here and find some already create templates to get you on the way 


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